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It's them, Not us.


Don't worry, It's them not us.

If you’ve seen some negative news coverage about Radio Rentals recently you may have thought it’s us. It’s not. There are two companies called Radio Rentals operating in Australia which is confusing for us as well as you!

The Radio Rentals involved in the legal dispute with its customers and fined for breaches of responsible lending practices is owned by the Thorn Group, and operates stores in states other than South Australia.  They own Rentlo Reinvented in South Australia. Thorn Group is a publicly-listed company, and has no connection whatsoever to the Radio Rentals you know and trust here in South Australia.

We want all our customers, past, present and future, to know that we’re different from the Radio Rentals that has been fined by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), and are not associated with them in anyway. 

Radio Rentals SA is a proudly South Australian privately owned and operated retail business. We’ve been in business here for almost 60 years, currently employ nearly 300 locals and have tens of thousands of happy customers. 

We hope this clears up any confusion!