About Radio Rentals

Radio Rentals Has Exited South Australian Retail Business.
Rental Customers Not Impacted.

Radio Rentals closed its retail stores and online sales operations in South Australia on 15th June 2019.

Rental customers are not affected. The consumer rental business, which finances rental contracts through various retailers, including Radio Rentals, is provided by inRent which is owned by a separate entity and is not impacted.

There will be no impact on existing inRent rental or interest free agreements. Rental customers will continue to receive the benefits of renting with inRent, including ongoing product servicing, and for existing rent & upgrade agreements, the ability to upgrade to a rent & keep it agreement. Customer obligations under rental agreements are ongoing.

The head office at Main North Road, Prospect, will remain open to service rentals and for sales of ex-rental inventory.

Existing rental or interest free customers
For If you have questions regarding your agreement please read the FAQs or visit www.inrent.com.au.
Rental customers who paid in person at a store will need to select a different payment method, click here for more details. 

New rental agreements
inRent will continue to offer rental finance solutions to new and existing customers with their Rent & Keep it plan that is offered by over 800 retailers Australia wide,

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