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    Frequently Asked Questions On Renting

    1. Do I need to be over 18 to rent from Radio Rentals?

      Yes, to apply for a new rental agreement with Radio Rentals you must be over 18 years of age.

    2. How can I pay my rental account?

      You can choose to pay your account in many ways;

      • At any one of our 18 stores,
      • BPay
      • Cheque or Money Order
      • Credit card over the phone
      • Direct Debit, or
      • Pay your account online
    3. How do I apply for Direct Debit?

      To apply for Direct Debit makes your rental repayments easy.

      Simply download your Request Form from : Then fill out your details sign the bottom of the form and mail it to : Radio Rentals Customer Assistance, PO Box 87, Prospect SA, 5082 for us to review and process.

    4. How long is the rental contract for?

      Rental Contracts are available over a flexible range of rental terms with most products available on 12 month, 24 month, 36 month, 48 month and 60 month rental contracts, depending on the product type you rent.

    5. I am a student from overseas. Can I apply for a rental contract?

      Yes, however you must have an Australian Residency Passport to be eligible to apply for rental.

    6. I own my own business, are the rental payments tax deductible?

      Yes, they may be tax deductible. To be sure you are entitled to any deduction; we recommend you consult a qualified accountant or tax advisor first.

    7. Is it a rent to buy contract?

      NO, it is a rental agreement. You may make an offer to purchase the rented equipment at any time during your agreement and that offer can be accepted or rejected at Radio Rentals discretion.

    8. What happens at the end of the rental contract?

      At the end of your agreement, provided your account is up to date, you will have several options listed below:

      • Hand back the goods with no further obligation
      • Continue to rent the goods
      • Upgrade the goods to a newer model (subject to approval)
      • Make an offer to purchase the goods (acceptance is at the discretion of Radio Rentals)
    9. What information will I need if I decide to rent from you?

      You will need to bring the following with you: 2 forms of ID (or a valid driver’s license with your current address) 2x addresses (past and present) 2x years employment records and 2 x friends or relatives details (as a reference).

    10. What is Debt Waiver?

      Debt Waiver is an optional add-on feature (at an additional cost) of your rental account which provides you peace of mind and protection if the goods you are renting are stolen from your home, with visible signs of forced entry, or destroyed by fire. If the terms of the Debt Waiver claim are met and the claim is approved, the debt and the value of the goods is forgiven and no further payments are required. Please see in-store for full terms & conditions

    11. What is the Minimum Term Before Upgrade?

      The Minimum Term Before Upgrade is the minimum amount of time you must rent a specific product before you can upgrade it without incurring penalties. The Minimum Term Before Upgrade for each item you rent can be viewed on your Rental Agreement. Please see in-store for full terms & conditions

    12. What type of product can be rented?

      Almost any major electrical appliance or furniture piece that is available at any Radio Rentals store can be rented.

    13. Why should I rent?

      Renting allows you to have the products you want today without taking a major chunk out of your hard earnt cash. You can upgrade to the latest in technology after the minimum rental term, we will deliver your product free of charge and should your product break down you we will fix it for you.