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    Heating & Cooling Rental

    Air Conditioning Rental

    Heating and Cooling Rental

    Radio Rentals have a huge range of heaters, air conditioners and split systems for rent in Adelaide and throughout South Australia. Whether you’re looking to cool off by renting a portable air conditioner, window wall unit or split system Radio Rentals has it all. We have all the top brands including Kelvinator, Dimplex, LG and Mitsubishi. Browse our range below and through the left-hand menu then apply online for instant approval and start shopping now!

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    Dimplex 1.5kW Mini Cube Electric Fire
    In-Store $129
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    Dimplex Electric Fire
    In-Store $349
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    Samsung Split System Air Conditioner
    In-Store $1,949
    Rent NOW $4.20 daily
    Minimum rental before upgrade $1,527.60**
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    Dimplex 2kW Sacramento Inset Fire
    In-Store $999.95
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    # Daily rental rate is based on 36 months rental. ** Refers to the minimum rental payable before the goods can be upgraded. After goods have been rented for the minimum term they can be upgraded for different goods, at which time a new rental agreement for the upgraded goods will commence. Terms & Conditions Apply

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